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September 25, 2007


Scott Fitchet

Hey Joe ...

First of all keep up the awesome work. WLW is one of the more exciting things on the Internet (to play with anyway ... I'm not much of a blogger).

Everything in WLW is naturally going to default to Microsoft services. Add a map or a a new blog ... maps are exclusive to VirtualEarth. "Add Weblog Account" visually favors Sharepoint and Spaces.

I'd consider that less open and wide although those aren't the best choice of words.

In Blogjet when adding a new account you'll get the beginnings of a "Help Me Choose The Best Blog Service For My Needs" wizard.

(haven't responded to a comment in awhile ... would be nice if I could also do this through WLW).

Joe Cheng [MSFT]

Hey Scott, been a long time!

When you say "a wide array of services" are you referring to BlogJet's Flickr and YouTube integration? Because as far as blog platforms go, WLW supports just as many and just as well.

And actually Beta 3 of WLW supports YouTube along with many other video providers (including Soapbox of course!).

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